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A fresh look for ­­
a trusted brand

We inspire trust in the textile and leather industry

Driven by sustainability and a dedication to transparency, our work is grounded in proven science. Our standards allow everyone to make responsible decisions and protect natural resources.

OEKO-TEX®: industry pioneers

Driven by sustainability.

Setting the highest standards.

Leading with proven science. 

A fresh positioning for OEKO-TEX®

  • More emotional in addressing target groups.
  • Clearer in the communication of the brandcore.
  • More understandable and less technical.
  • Courageous and moving.

Always evolving:

From STANDARD 100 to a modular, sustainable certification system.

Strengthening the OEKO-TEX® umbrella brand and establishing a clear hierarchy with one bold brandmark. Supported by a unique toolbox and assets that tells our whole story with a flexible and user-friendly approach.

Communicating our passion for progress and sustainabilty using a positive voice and modern visual system.

Using colors, copy and imagery to build an emotional connection.

Modernising the OEKO-TEX® look and feel to build trust and increase recognisation among end-consumers.

The compelling benefits

Transparent and user-friendly: Our modular labelling system is easy to use, flexible and consistent for all OEKO-TEX® product brands. 

Clean, simple and bold: Our new brand mark and OEKO-TEX® green are the heart of our visual system. The instantly recognizable combination unifies our communication and increases brand  awareness.

Inspiration and aspiration: Our warm brand colours, lively imagery and clear messaging spark an emotional connection with OEKO-TEX®.

Launch and timeline

The launch of the OEKO-TEX® new look will be a step by step approach. The external communication launch is planned for the beginnig of November 2022. This includes:

  • New layout of label and logos available
  • New certificate layout
  • Coming soon: updated labelling guide
  • New OEKO-TEX® Website design
  • Updated OEKO-TEX® Social Media appearance
  • Press Release

Transition period for customers will end in December 2024.


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